Vape Batteries

A battery is an essential component of any e-cigarette package. Vape batteries will power the coil, which will heat your e-liquid and transform it into the vapour you need. Choosing the right one is critical for providing the right amount of power while remaining protected – if you are looking for a regular eGo battery or a mod battery, we have a wide range of e-cig batteries to fit your needs and budget. Explore our range of vape batteries, which includes common 18650 and 26650 sizes.

Always remember battery safety!

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    – When you open up a new package for the first time, it’s tempting to go all out and test out your new (or first ever) vape – but it’s best to completely charge your batteries to set them up properly.

    – If you are carrying spare batteries, please place them in a battery case or cover them with something non-conductive. They hold a lot of charge, and if they end up jangling around in your pocket with any keys, you can complete the circuit, which is when an accident can occur.

    – Lithium ion batteries (the kind used in vapes) are fairly forgiving when it comes to charging; you don’t need to charge them completely every time, nor do you need to let them completely discharge before plugging them back in. When properly cared for, you can expect to use them for 12 to 18 months before they need to be recycled.

    – Keep a close eye on your batteries while they charge. Vaping and ecig systems are much safer in the home than cigarettes, but it is still best to be safe to ensure that nothing overheats or fails. You’ll also prolong battery life by just charging them until they’re fully charged – so don’t leave them plugged in overnight.

    – Whether the battery wrap is dented or peeling off, the battery itself is warped, or it’s getting really heavy, it’s time to replace them.

    We’ll have something for you if you’re looking for new batteries because your old ones have reached the end of their life (usually they’ll recharge quickly and lose power just as quickly) or you just want some spares to keep charged up so you don’t have to take breaks while they’re charging. When recharging batteries, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it correctly, so once you’ve found the ones you need, look into the charger that works best for them to maximise your vaping power and battery lifetime.