MTL Vape Coils

Mouth-to-Lung vape coils are one of our best selling products. We have the largest range of MTL coils online, along with ceramic and mesh coils from some of the best brands. We also offer a range of 50/50 MTL coils that can support either high PG e-liquids or liquid with 50% PG. This MTL range features products from some of the best brands in the industry such as Smok, Aspire and Innokin.

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    What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

    Mouth to lung is literally the name of this style of vaping. Many smokers move on to vaping from cigarettes because it feels similar and helps them transition from smoking.

    Mouth to lung tanks use bigger coils and hold the same amount of liquid as sub ohm tanks, so they’re not known for their exceptional cloud production. However, the flavour hit is better because you get the flavour hit on the way in when you hold vapour in your mouth and then again when you exhale.

    Mouth to lung vape tanks are a type of vape pen that mimics the sensation and experience of smoking. They’re specifically geared toward smokers who are looking to kick their smoking habit without the harshness associated with traditional cigarettes.