Pod Kits

Pod Kits are ultra-compact and simple-to-use vaping devices. Pod vape kits are great for folks who want to switch from smoking to vaping or for existing vapers who need a small device for on-the-go use. Closed vape pod systems, such as the Aspire Gusto, employ pre-filled liquid pods, but refillable pod systems, such as the Uwell Caliburn or SMOK Nord Pod, allow pod mod vapers to fill the pod cartridges with their favourite flavoured e-liquid.

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What exactly are Pod Vapes?

There are two kinds of pod vapes: open systems and closed systems.

Closed pod systems are vapes that only have replacement pod cartridges, such as JUUL and RELX, and these are not refillable. They’re very convenient because you can keep a spare in your pocket, but they’re less useful than an open system. You’re also a little more limited in terms of flavour options.

The open system pod vape, on the other hand, while disposable, can be opened and refilled, allowing you to fill with whatever flavour e-liquid you like.