Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

An RTA is a hybrid of a tank and a dripper. It holds e-liquid just like a tank, but instead of using pre-filled coils, they are made from rebuildable coils that are wicked into the tank with wicks. This style of RTA offers more control over your vape juice consumption. You’ll find some RTAs with adjustable airflow as well as top fill tanks.

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What is an RTA?

An RTA (rebuildable tank atomiser) is a type of atomiser that features a tank to hold e-liquid. Often referred to as RTAs, they have upwards of 2ml of capacity. Unlike tanks on unregulated mods, which can still be refilled with e-liquid between fills, tank atomisers are refillable only through replacing the entire tank. That way you don’t need to deal with filling up the tank or checking for leaks.